eBook S60

eBook S60 1.03

eBook viewer for S60 phones

If one of your hobbies is reading - then eBook will become the indispensable application for your smartphone! eBook allows reading books in eBook Aportis (.prc) or Palm Database (.pdb) format.

If your favourite book is in text format then you can install our free utility eBookMaker to convert books to .prc format.

With eBook S60, you can take your favorite books with you wherever you choose, and read them on the move! A handy little tool for your Series60 mobile.

eBook S60


eBook S60 1.03

User reviews about eBook S60

  • vlaters12

    by vlaters12


    This program I was interested in because I ilke to be able to read a favourite story or even work documents wherever ...   More.